Women Tech Entrepreneurs Should Pursue the Enterprise – CIO Dive

Maci Peterson Philitas, CEO and co-founder of On Second Thought | Credit: Maci Peterson Philitas
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Ask Maci Peterson Philitas, CEO and co-founder of On Second Thought, if she imagined her technology as a business solution, the answer is “no. Absolutely not.”

Debuting as a delay and recall application for text messages, On Second Thought pivoted to B2B in 2018. The company licenses SDKs and APIs for a monthly fee, per user per month for a messaging customer and per recall per month for a payments customer.

On Second Thought’s roadblock as a consumer app was how to monetize and spread the offerings so customers could fix messages across platforms. Moving to B2B allowed the company to build a service available cross-platform and create a revenue stream with enterprise licensing, Philitas told CIO Dive.

Iconic stories of founders center around consumer offerings, tales from Apple and Snapchat. But the gap in business technology entrepreneurship is enhanced when gender diversity is added to the equation.

Women gravitate to building products they …