US Army Struggling to Work with Small Businesses –

Procurement systems frustrate efforts for U.S. Army working with small businesses
When it comes to doing business with the little guy, the U.S. Army is having problems, says Army Futures Command chief Gen. Mike Murray. (Sgt. Michael West/U.S. Army)
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WASHINGTON – The head of Army Futures Command said recently that the U.S. Army faces problems on multiple fronts when it comes to sending more of their business to small companies.

Gen. John Murray said small businesses struggle under a procurement system that can take years, and then struggle to scale their business to meet the Army’s needs.

“There is a lack of trust [on the part of small businesses] that the government can sustain in small-business model,” Murray told the audience at the third annual Defense News Conference. “The way we do budgeting, POM cycles and all that, a small business can’t survive. We’re going to have to prove to small businesses that we can adjust our POM cycles to meet their needs.

“And from the small business perspective, there are only a few ways that they can scale to the size …