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SPRINGFIELD, IL — Governor Bruce Rauner held a news conference Tuesday to discuss the accomplishments and progress made by the administration, citing education as a big one, in addition to the challenges that remain for Illinois. Rauner went over several points in his report that will be delivered to the 101st Illinois General Assembly at the end of his term. According to a release from the Office of the Governor, Rauner highlighted the progress made by his administration since 2015 in education, healthcare services, technology job growth, criminal justice and government operations, but also noted that “critical” financial challenges remain despite the progress in the other areas.

Placing education at the top of the list, the highlight includes “record funding for K-12 and early childhood education and equal funding for charter schools, expanded student apprenticeships, a historic tuition scholarship tax credit, and one of the best plans in America for measuring student growth.”

Highlights of the administration’s economical achievements include “record high employment, the formation of Intersect Illinois to recruit and expand businesses at no expense to taxpayers, reduced LLC fees and red tape and fewer regulatory burdens, clean energy job leadership, and dramatically expanded minority contracting with the state,” the report stated.

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Government achievements include the prevention of millions in Medicaid fraud and abuse, the moving of “state services into the digital age saving billions for taxpayers,” contract negotiations, the elimination of forced unionization, and more.

According to the release, Rauner cited the removal of blocks to majority supported voter initiatives, the signing of Executive Orders to decrease sexual harrassment, lobbyist “revolving doors,” term limits and additional achievements in politics and ethics.

Rauner also focused on three reform initiatives to help the state improve its economic performance, the release said. They are:

  • Resist additional tax and build a business-friendly climate that would help promote economic growth and support the development of the University of Illinois System’s Illinois Innovation Network.

“We need to create a business climate that attracts thinkers, job creators, investors and philanthropists who key their success,” Rauner said, according to the release.

  • For the state to “allow certain counties/municipalities/high unemployment areas to create empowerment zones that do not require forced union membership,” so other companies consider and invest in Illinois, which would lead to more union and non-union jobs.
  • Legislation to lower worker’s compensation insurance costs to make Illinois a competitive state, which would also attract more manufacturing and technology job creators

“We are proud of our accomplishments and we are grateful for the bipartisan support on education and criminal justice reform,” Rauner said, according to the release. “The path to a better future is clear: increase funding for education and human services, not through tax increases, but through savings in the cost of government and through stronger economic growth unleashed by cuts in taxes and regulations.”

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Illinois Gove. Bruce Rauner waves to supporters after losing his re-election bid to Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker in Chicago on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. (AP Photo/Matt Marton)

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