Jamaica FEASTS program for food entrepreneurs expands across Queens

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The city’s Economic Development Corporation will partner with Queens Library and the borough president’s office to expand a popular business incubator program in Jamaica.

The Food Entrepreneurship and Services Training Space (FEASTS), a culinary program that offers training and mentorship for people seeking to start or grow their food business, will be expanded.

Following the success of Jamaica FEASTS during the last two years, the program will double the size of classes from 6 to 12. It will also expand the program to other locations in the borough while maintaining its presence at the Central Library branch in Jamaica. Since Queens Library started the program in 2016, more than 100 students have graduated and nearly 50 percent have launched a successful food business.

“Jamaica FEASTS has played a pivotal role in providing training and business development to support the next generation of culinary entrepreneurs in Queens,” NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett said. “This program’s success is…