Is International Procurement an Attractive Career Path for Women?

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In supporting International Women’s Day and in conjunction with Carina Hoogeveen, senior director of marketing EMEA at Icertis, we have gathered the thoughts and insight from a number of women working in procurement: what attracted them to the career, why they think it might be a good career choice for other women, and the challenges and opportunities they have faced. Yesterday we heard from Warda Allaoua from Celgene and Celine Arquizan from Sanofi, today let’s hear from:

Katie Tamblin, Chief Product Officer at Achilles Information

What attracted you to procurement as a place to build a successful career?

“I fell into the role of supporting procurement professionals by accident, really. I was hooked, though, by this dynamic and complex field that was undergoing rapid transformation. I started work as an economist, analysing labour markets and the costs of goods and services across a range of countries. It turns out, our forecasts for how costs change over time were extremely useful to procurement professionals. I learned how to craft the data into insights to enable procurement professionals to make data-driven decisions about contract structures and indexation, to negotiate the best deal, time purchases, and budget. I found that by applying a data-based framework to procurement decision making, we could unlock incredible cost savings, and teach procurement teams how to make strategic decisions that elevate the profession as a whole. The impact data-driven decision making can have on …