Here’s How Tech Companies Are Investing in Veterans — And Why it Makes Sense – Built In

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By Quinten Dol

It’s tough out there for recruiters. Just 3.5 percent of the country’s workforce finds itself unemployed, and as demand for high-skilled folks in the tech industry continues to climb, talent remains hard to come by.

In an age of labor scarcity, many tech companies are turning to the potential of an oft-overlooked demographic: military veterans. Although the unemployment rate among veterans has been falling since 2000, ex-service members still face a number of setbacks — including stereotypes about non-transferable military skills and the supposed cultural challenges they pose — as they apply for and settle into tech careers. Collectively, such barriers contribute to an overall trend of underemployment among former servicemen and women. But for companies looking for more diversity in skill, thought and experience, the rewards born out of investing in veterans abound.

“In my experience, military people who have successfully made the transition are some of the most decisive, …

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