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Former Google chief diversity officer, Danielle Brown
Former Google chief diversity officer, Danielle Brown
  • Google chief diversity officer, Danielle Brown, is leaving the company.
  • Brown will be joining Gusto, a human resources startup, as chief people officer.
  • Google said in a statement that Brown will be replaced by Melonie Parker, who has acted as Google’s head of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • In the past year, Google has faced scrutiny over its handling ofsexual misconduct allegations against senior executives, and faces a class action lawsuit over pay discrimination.

As reported by the Business Insider, following a year full of controversy — including the Google Walkout, where employees protested the company’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations — Google is shaking up its diversity and inclusion team.

Google’s chief diversity officer, Danielle Brown, is leaving the company, Google confirmed to the Business Insider. She’ll be replaced by Melonie Parker, who had served as Google’s global head of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the last 9 months.

Brown wrote in a LinkedIn post she’ll be joining on as chief people officer at Gusto, a startup that provides human resources software to businesses.

Brown joined on at Google as vice president of employee engagement and head of diversity in June 2017. In the two years since Brown took charge of Google’s diversity efforts, the company has faced a barrage of scandals and controversies.

A few months after Brown started, Google software engineer James Damore released a manifesto saying the company needed to be more tolerant of employees’ conservative viewpoints and argued women were underrepresented in tech because of “biological causes” that made them inferior to men. Brown was inundated with racist and sexist insults on Twitter after Google fired Damore.

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