“Ethics in Business” Coming to CUNY TV

David Wu, vice-chair, Deloitte China
David Wu, vice-chair, Deloitte China
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CUNY TV reaches 7.3 million broadcast households in the New York metro area.

In collaboration with the ACCA (Association for Chartered Certified Accountants) and CFA Institute, Carnegie Council will take its “Ethics in Business: In Their Own Words” online video series to broadcast television for six half-hour shows, airing on CUNY TV in the New York metro area in 2019-2020 with the premiere episode on Tuesday, September 10.

Launched to celebrate Global Ethics Day in October 2018, “Ethics in Business” features global business leaders exploring how their organizations and industries are preparing for an ethical future in the face of challenges presented by globalization, technology, and human psychology. Helen Brand, chief executive at ACCA, and Paul Smith, outgoing CEO at CFA Institute, are among the business leaders who participated.

Eight interviews were produced and posted to Carnegie Council’s YouTube channel and distributed throughout ACCA’s and CFA Institute’s professional networks. They are all hosted by Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson, a producer and reporter at CUNY TV and associate producer at 60 Minutes.

The schedule for “Ethics in Business” on CUNY TV is as follows, with the premiere date listed for each episode:

Tuesday, September 10, 10pm – Ethics in Business with Paul Smith, CFA Institute CEO (outgoing)

Tuesday, October 8, 10pm – Ethics in Business with Helen Brand, ACCA Chief Executive, and Kevin Dancey, IFAC CEO

Tuesday, November 12, 10pm – Ethics in Business with David Wu, Deloitte China Vice Chairman

Tuesday, December 10, 10pm – Ethics in Business with Jennifer Tan, AlipayHK CEO, and David MacLennan, Cargill Chairman and CEO

Tuesday, January 13, 10pm – Ethics in Business with Hiro Mizuno, GPIF Executive Managing Director and CIO

Tuesday, February 10, 10pm – Ethics in Business with Emilio Gonzalez, Pendal Group CEO

In addition to the premiere times – the second Tuesday of the month at 10pm – “Ethics in Business” will air on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 10am and 3pm and the second and fourth Saturday of the month at 4:30pm, all between September 2019 and February 2020. Additionally, it will also air on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 10pm.

“We are so excited to bring ‘Ethics in Business’ to a new audience,” says Carnegie Council’s Deborah Carroll, executive producer of the series. “We spoke with leaders in the accounting industry, financial management, and commerce and filmed in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and at our offices in New York City. There are so many lessons for business leaders and the general public in this series. Our hope is that it will help viewers to think critically about ethical issues and the evolving role of corporations in today’s world.”

Carnegie Council previously produced “Global Ethics Forum,” which aired on CUNY TV and MhZ Networks for nine seasons between 2010 and 2018. This show featured policymakers, academics, and thought leaders speaking about ethical issues in town hall, lecture, and interview formats.

To see the “Ethics in Business” online series and the “Global Ethics Forum” archive, you can go to Carnegie Council’s YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/carnegiecouncil.

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