Employee Resource Groups Key to Diversity Inclusion and Growth at Micron – IndustryWeek

Sharawn Connors, vice president of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Micron.
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By Adrienne Selko

At Boise-Idaho-based Micron Technologies Inc., one of the world’s five largest semiconductor manufacturers and the only one based in the U.S., innovation comes from its workforce. And it’s the diversity of its workforce that is one of the areas that the company is focused on.

“I am personally passionate about fostering great diversity within our company,” said CEO Sanjay Mehrotra in the company’s 2019 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Report.

“Ideas are the foundation of our business and the best ideas only merge when you create an atmosphere where all voices can be heard,” Mehrotra wrote.

The company explains that its goal is to “honor how our individual backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives create a greater whole.”  

“When you are pushing for innovation all ideas need to be on the table,” explains …

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