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From a SHOOT staff reporter

Striving for diversity and inclusion translates into good business on varied fronts–from qualifying for lensing incentives, to forging fruitful alliances with other companies, to helping brands promote and define themselves with progressive, positive action.

Mark Androw, executive producer of STORY and recent recipient of the AICP’s highest honor, the Jay Eisenstat Award, related, “We have always made an effort to increase diversity in our crews and have participated in several job fairs and training programs to increase the percentage of women and minorities in our crews. We shoot frequently in Illinois and to take advantage of the Illinois Film Tax credit you are required to document your efforts to create a diverse crew that mirrors the diversity of the State of Illinois, which is 20% people of color and 50% women. I am proud to report that we meet or exceed those percentages on every job we produce.”

Androw’s remarks were made in response to SHOOT’s Mid-year Survey of industry folk spanning ad agencies, the production, post and entertainment communities. His comments underscores a prevalent notion in feedback we received–that companies, like brands, need to stand for something, And often doing good is just plain good business.

John Caruso, chief creative officer and partner, MCD Partners, noted, “Through our M&C Saatchi network, we are affiliated with MAJORITY. MAJORITY is a production company that is tackling gender disparity in advertising and film by meeting it head-on with a meticulously cultivated, vibrant and distinct roster of female directors. Based in Los Angeles, MAJORITY represents a wellspring of established and previously untapped independent filmmakers who are at the cutting-edge of their craft. They are an immensely talented group who are moving the needle toward gender parity behind the lens, while creating exceptional content, and we are proud to be affiliated with them.”

Max Domain, CTO and co-founder of Obviously, added, “Women are driving advertising today, especially with digital and influencer content. Across industries, they’re the creators, the taste makers, the innovators. At Obviously, women are leading our team and engineering our technology. Our staff is incredibly diverse, representing numerous identities, genders, and speaking a number of languages. So for us, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success. It is truly in our DNA. We nurture and defend these tenets, and believe others must too in order to succeed in the modern professional world. As influencer marketers, young talent is our life blood. Age is irrelevant in our business. Creativity, passion and exploration are hallmarks of the influencer industry, and native to our company.”

Samantha Glynne, VP, Branded Entertainment (Global), at Fremantle, said, “We know that great ideas and bold thinking can come from anywhere and anyone and we know that a diverse and representative workforce is crucial in enabling us to create …

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