City of Frederick to Conduct Disparity Study – Frederick News Post

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The Frederick Board of Aldermen approved a disparity study for the city that will determine if a statistically significant disparity exists between the percentage of available, qualified minority-owned businesses that do business in the market and the percentage of money spent with such firms.

The agreement for the study is with Atlanta’s Griffin and Strong, P.C., and will cost the city $238,000.

It also forms a basis that is required for any race- or gender-based contracting program.

Katie Barkdoll, director of budgeting and purchasing for the city, explained at Thursday night’s meeting why she believes Frederick should move forward with it.

“This isn’t a study like any study the city has ever done,” Barkdoll said. “This study is extremely important, it’s necessary, and it’s required for us to do to be able to achieve the goals of …