55% of Procurement, Finance Professionals Fear Recession Within 18 Months: Study

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Despite economic growth, recent headwinds have procurement and finance professionals considering how to deal with a possible recession in the next year or so, according to a survey by the data-aggregation firm Suplari, which published “Plans & Tactics to Recession-Proof the Enterprise in 2019 and Beyond.”

While only 6% of the 104 professionals surveyed are concerned about the possibility of a recession hitting the nation within six months, 55% believe it will take place within 18 months, Suplari notes.

Though the U.S. economy has continued to expand following the financial crisis of the late 2000s and early 2010s, the study found 77% of finance and procurement professionals surveyed believe the U.S. economy will see a recession within the next two years.

Suplari’s study, released last month, notes many recent surveys spotlight executives’ concerns that job markets, credit risks and tariff policies could push the economy to decelerate.

The survey evaluates how to avoid disruptions of …